DC Trainings - THE most cost-effective chiropractic training system.

Our Membership Fee has been waived, while we all deal from the COVID-19 situation.

We will restore the Membership Fee requirement,

once the current conditions are behind us.

Trial Membership Fees ($95) are deducted from the cost of your first Monthly Dues.

DC Trainings is committed to providing the most cost-effective chiropractic training, ANYWHERE!

We provide you with the widest range of resources, at the lowest cost, designed specifically to help you increase your efficiency and profitability, leading to higher profits for your practice. Unlike other training systems, DC Trainings does not cost several thousands of dollars to join. And we do not make you sign a contract.

Membership is affordable and flexible:

One-time Membership Fee: $1,000

Monthly Dues: $195 And that's it!

We are confident that you will find our training system meets or exceeds your expectations. With this in mind, we offer different forms of Membership...

Trial Membership

We are so confident that you will discover how cost-effective DC Trainings truly is, we welcome you to test drive us.

If we aren't the right fit for you and your practice, we don't want you to be obligated to continue your membership.

Our Trial Membership is simple and risk-free.

Trial Membership provides you with immediate access to all of our resources. This includes the weekly Webinars, as well at attending the first Seminar, following your registration. Following your first Seminar, if you aren't completely satisfied, simply notify us and we will cancel your Membership and refund your $95.

If you decide to become a Platinum Member, your $95 Trial Membership fee is subtracted from your first Monthly Dues.

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain!


Select Platinum below, for full Platinum Membership, and never pay our $1,000 Membership Fee.

Platinum Membership

This is our highest level of Membership. You enjoy all of the resources DC Trainings has to offer.

By selecting Platinum Membership at the time of registration, we reward you with a 20% discount.

You pay a one-time Membership Fee of only $800!

Student Membership 

Available to any student that is currently attending full-time at an accredited chiropractic college. Student Membership is also available to any individual that has graduated from chiropractic college, within the previous 6 months.

Our Student Membership provides all of the resources, available to practicing doctors.

We recognize the hardships we all endured, while going to school, and have dropped our prices to $49 per month. Our goal is to prepare you to run a successful practice BEFORE you graduate.

Feature Trial Platinum Student
Access to online resources, including:
More than 140 documents and scripts
More than 100 video tutorials
Complete archive of past Webinars
Complete archive of past Seminars
Ability to:
Participate in unlimited weekly Webinars
Attend unlimited Bi-Monthly Seminars
Limit of 1
You sign no contract
You may cancel or suspend, at any time
You may bring up to 4 employees to Seminars
Special Offer:
Discount of 20% off your Membership Fee
I want to Register as:


If you are looking to have a motivated, well trained, staff-driven practice, DC Trainings is the training program for you. After 13 years in practice, my team has never been more focused on our practice goals.
Dr. John Knych DC
Vacaville Chiropractic
Vacaville, CA
Dr. Sawyer's trainings have made me a much stronger leader and has helped me strengthen my practice. After over 25 years in practice, I am in love with being a chiropractor again!
Dr. Thomas Mora DC
Total Health Chiropractic
Livermore, CA

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